Monday, November 21, 2011

Being blind

This past few months have been tough on me and my family. But I'm back now and ready to tell you guys something i learned a few days ago.

You know that saying 'hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil'  Well for me was the opposite, A few days ago i was going through something that looked perfect to me. I had thought that my life couldn't get any better then it already was. Boy was i wrong!

My mom warned me, God warned me! i just didn't want to see it! i acted like if i was blind.

But then came the day of realizing that i was wrong, and how to fix it was the other problem. I was scared, scared of what the people around me would think, scared of what was going to happen, but i did end up finally taking my decision an getting it over with. Let me tell you it wasn't easy! It was the hardest thing i had too do.

I did it anyway Because i knew that God will bless me! 

Sometimes we get so stuck in the situation we are in, that we don't see what it will do with us in the future. Us girls go so much by our emotions that sometimes we cant even tell whats an emotion and whats not! Or sometimes we can tell, we just pretend we cant. 

Be careful girls into letting your emotions take control, be careful into thinking you are doing something rite when in reality its not.

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