Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What do you want?

Friday at night the hard prayer just finished, i was tired and was 
standing by the wall along with the other assistants, while the pastor was preaching 
looking around, keeping my eyes alert, when all of a sudden my eyes stop, and i look
at a young teen standing with everyone else, but why did that teen caught my attention
is because she has been in that church longer then me and is in the same situation.
Nothing in her life has changed, everything is the same or even getting worse
Something in me told me i had to talk to her.

By the end of the service I'm sitting down with her talking to her trying
to get to her, telling her that she needs to change
Blah blah blah....
Point is i asked her something that just stayed in my head,
And I'm sure it stayed in her mind as well.
"What do you want for your life"

A lot of teens don't know how to answer that, or they just answer
with the same thing 'oh i want to become a Docter'
'I want to become this, or that'
But that's not the answer i was looking for
my question has a double meaning..
"What do you want for you life"
In other words
"Who do you want in your life"
Now of course everyone answer is God, but who here really
means it and does something about it! 
I remember i used to say the same thing that i wanted God, but i never did anything 
about it. Stop talking. and start ACTING 
actions are better then words!

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