Monday, July 30, 2012

When it starts pouring.

'Rain, rain go away, come back another day' Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to go outside and play, but you couldn't because it started raining, and your mom didn't want you to get sick so you would start singing that song, just to see if it would go away, Remember? 

Now come back to the present, don't you wish that you can do that with your problems? Believe me i do! Sometimes it just gets so hard to handle, as we get older we get more responsibilities, what a drag! Cant i just stay a kid forever,and just worry about playing outside? 

Unfortunately as much as we wish we can be kids forever, we cant. It's the way God made it to be, let me tell you a secret, it gets worst! What? 

Yea it does, because your getting older, everyone is going to expect more of you, it'll get harder and harder, weather you want to or not, it's bound to happen, but can i tell you my secret of keeping my head up and fighting with all this growing up stuff? God.

Yup that's right the Big man upstairs, He gives me strength when i feel that i cant take it anymore. When I'm feeling pressured and i start seeing that so many people want something out of me, He comforts me. When I'm about to fall flat on my face! He grabs my arm and lifts me up. He is my rock that sustains me. My light in the end of the tunnel, the happiness in the middle of the storm! 

My dear reader, without Him you won't be able to live in the world we live in, with so much pressure on our shoulders, people who just want something out of you, so much hatred, and so many other things out there, without Him, your going to fall flat on your face! Your going to stay inside bored out of your mind while the storm is out there never ending. 

One of the many things i learned about life is that, when it's raining, run outside and dance. In other words if my life is in the hands of God, i shouldn't worry. Once you give your problems, worry, sadness, whatever it is that you have in there, to God, just dance it off then you can go singing 'I'm dancing in the rain' 

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