Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's hard life out there...

Let go: release, as from one's grip. 

                   One of the hardest part in my life, was being able to let go. You may think "But you move around all the time how is it hard for you?" I've always wanted to stay in a permanent place grow up, have the same friends, same house, etc.. It was so hard finding out that once again we have to move to a place that i didn't know anyone at all! Make new friends, meet new people, unpack?! It was the worst feeling ever! 

                  Truth be told it's still hard! (especially the unpacking part lol), thank God the places I've gone, the people that i met made it really easy for me. Letting go though, its hard, maybe it was that one boy that turned your life upside down and made so happy but that one day he broke your heart and left you, or maybe is that "best friend" that pretended to be by your side but once that bumpy road came along in your life, they were the first one to leave, or maybe, just maybe it was a mistake that you made awhile ago that you still haven't forgiven yourself yet. Lets be honest? I've been through it all, it might not seem that i have. 

                Heartbreak? The hardest and most painful thing I've ever been through, God fixed it and i know i don't need anyone to make me happy, that's God's job. It took me awhile to let go, but once i did i felt so much better. That certain "Best Friend" I was so hurt to find out that she forgot about me so quickly, but i saw that only God can be my best friend. The hardest one "The mistake" God forgives but its so hard to let it go because you felt so dumb after you did it. I learned that if God forgave me, then why couldn't i do the same thing? 

              I guess what I'm trying to say here is that, we all go through problems, some are harder then the others, and some are so easy to overcome that you don't even consider it as a problem. They all leave scars, but it's up to us to keep holding on to it and let it keep hurting us, or we can just let it go and get prepared for the next one to come. 

            Remember: "Scars should remind you of where you've been. But they don't have to dictate, where your going"

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