Friday, September 2, 2011

That wall!

Okay so Some of you guys may have heard this story before, but I'm going to be writing about it again because mainly i think its a very important story.

Once there was a teen sitting on top of a big wall, on one side of the wall were some a couple of bad teens calling out to him. On the other side of the wall were another group of teens but these were good kids. The "bad" teens stayed calling out to the young man but the other group just stayed on the other side staring up at him. This happened for about an hour or so, Finally The young man called out to the group that were not yelling up at him and asked them "the group over there keeps calling me, why don't you guys call out to me too?"
Finally one person from the group called out to him and said "Because, by you sitting on that wall, you have already made your decision" 

That teen on the wall represents us, the "Bad" group represents the devil. "good" group represents God, Either you choose God or the devil, you cant stay on the "wall" ,Because by you staying on that wall you have chosen already and lets just say that it's not a very wise choice.

Are you on that wall? 

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