Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who I am..

Dear reader,
I must confess something, I tend to think less of myself. It happens all the time and as far as I can remember I was always like that. From singing in front of a crowd, to putting my ideas out there. My mom always says "you have so much potential,  yet you don't do anything about it." In that moment I start thinking "okay, I got this! I can can do anything"
Unfortunately its only in that moment, because as soon as I try to do it the thoughts invade "you cant do it", "who do you think you are", "they're going to end up hating you for trying to take there place", etc etc etc.. Its hard! But then again its always been hard for me.
I don't like taking over things, when someone else is in charge. But when things aren't moving forward,  the inner battle starts "do it!" "Don't do it, they wont like it"

I have a fear of singing in front of a crowd. But when someone places me to sing, and I see that I can't back out, my inner battle starts "what if they don't like it" "your going to mess up" "your not that good" "someone is better then you"

Confession number 2: Sometimes I listen to the negative voice.
It's wrong I know! The reason I'm writing this, isn't because I just want to tell you my problems. But to let you know that it's okay to have mistakes. That's why God is so wonderful,  because even if you have a billion scars He accepts you. He doesn't want anyone perfect, He just wants you.  I'm still learning to overcome this battle, and I know that one day I will. God accepted me and chose me to help others. Don't ever second guess why God chose you. I did once, and I almost gave up.

Remember that mistakes are meant to be made, that's how we learn.

Always in faith,


  1. It was great to read this article. We always have to take mistakes as experiences that will help us become a better person.

  2. Thanks for this post Deborah. So honest and it's so helpful. We need this reminder constant that we are not perfect, especially when we try so hard and something does go right. Imagine we were perfect, then God would have no space to do His work in us. But the key word here is "work". Although we have the mistakes, we have to be ready to allow him to work IN us and WITH us to overcome them. Nice post. Keep them coming!