Monday, August 8, 2011

The three-faced girl.

She looks at herself in the mirror as she  puts on her makeup getting ready for another day at church. 

If it was up to her she wouldn't go, she would stay home watching t.v. Though she really won't  admit it to anyone not even her mom, she has to seem like she's a good girl.

At least when she gets to church she'll meet up with her friends, and she can act like herself (well part of herself) If she acted like who she really was, they would go running off to tell her parents.

At least she'll be a little bit more comfortable, Once she's done getting ready, they head towards church. It's Friday so that means after the 7 pm service there will be a vigil, She plans to skip it, make her mom think she's either in with the kids or in the service, But in reality she'll  be inside one of her friends car listening to music and just waiting for the service to finish. 

Okay lets stop there...

That girl was me, hard as it is to think back and remember all those times that i acted like i was a "good girl", It was me the liar, the rebel, the two faced and so many other things.

Being a pastors daughter was never easy, (and it still isn't) I would not actually be a two-faced, i was a Three-faced! At home one thing, school My actual self, and at church half of My actual self.

In reality school was the only place where i could be myself, no one knew me! They didn't know who my parents were, Or where they worked so that would be perfect for me.

But as the day would come into an end, and i would lay down to sleep reality set in and the tears would fall, I wondered over and over again why did God gave me this life.
It was hard, but i had decided a long time ago that i had to let it go, i couldn't be lying about who i was my whole life! I had decided to become myself everywhere i was.

With God's help i wasn't any more the three-faced liar, I was me! and who am i?
I'm the girl that hates quitting
I'm the girl that loves to sing
I'm the girl that fights and never gives up!
I'm the girl that gave her life to God, and that doesn't regret it one bit!
I'm that girl that God wanted me to be all along.

And who are you?


  1. Its true, we were that way. But now, I believe we let our feelings aside and we started to think and realize we needed to come to God, and let go of everything else.

    Great post!

  2. Wow, deb deb, this is so true! and it's really good. I remember when I used to have that three face! Wow, for me it was hard to keep up. But it's true the moment when we actually want to give our life to God, we take out all that mask that we uphold and we just become 1 person. Really good post and don't stop posting!!!!
    God bless.