Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giving up?

"That's it! I give up"
 "What's wrong now Debora?"
"I just can't take it! i clean, fix everything, and when i come back, it's all messy again, and worst of all i have to do it all over again because if i leave it how it is, no one will take the courage to fix it!"
 "So what? your just going to ignore it, and leave God's house like that?"
...."No, i don't have the courage to do that.", "Well good,  the more you give to God, the more you will receive" 

Unfortunately that was one of the discussions i had with my mom, one Wednesday night. On Sunday i had cleaned the Kids Zone, i swept, i mopped, even cleaned the tables and the chairs everything perfect. Then i had organized everything the chairs around the table for the big kids, the paper all put away, crayons etc...

To my dismay i arrived on Wednesday to find everything out of order! Again! if i told you how many times i had to do all of that stuff and plus fix the snacks and juices well lets just say there were a lot of times i had to do that. Worst of all is that every time i do it, i get my hopes up that whoever would be the teacher the next day would get the point and do the same thing, well my hopes and dreams were crashed.

Hey don't get me wrong please i love doing those stuff, because it isn't for me, or my parents, not even for the teacher, i do it for God! But i can't help into getting a little bit tired of doing the same thing over and over again! Trust me you would get tired!

On that same Wednesday i was debating into telling whoever was the teacher the day before a little bit of what's on my mind (Yea, I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to stay quiet when i know that something is wrong) but just then God spoke to me, "Giving up?", "What? no I'm not! i just want to tell her that what she did was wrong, how is that giving up?", "Your giving up on the responsibilities I'm giving you, if you tell her she will start doing it and then what are you going to do?" 

Yup! it was just like that, by me telling the poor teacher what she did was wrong (wish I'm pretty sure she knew) next time she would clean after herself, but she wouldn't do it with as much care and love, as i would do it, She will probably just do it because i pointed it out for her and she would feel forced to do it. So, yes i let it go and, left it in God's hands to talk to her one day and tell her Himself.

Sometimes God gives us some responsibilities and we don't even consider it as one! but it is because He is trusting us with something special, and what happens when you don't want to do it anymore? What happens when you give up? Then what? Well I'm sorry for the bad news but eventually God gives up on you! Just like you gave up, He gives up too.

Well, now i have to ask this question, Are YOU going to give up?

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